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Free Legal Case Management Software

If you're a lawyer, legal assistant, law student, it's probably safe to assume that you have bills to pay and clients to take care of. You've got plenty on your plate without having to figure out how case management software can help get everything organized.

Fortunately for those of us who are too busy or just not technologically inclined for such things as installing plugins or configuring Apache server settings, there are plenty of free options available on the Internet and their goal is to provide useful resources for finding free case management software and saving some money while you do it! 

Legal case management software is an application that tracks cases, meetings, and depositions. Free legal case management software is available in both desktop and mobile formats. A legal case management software is designed to provide a comprehensive range of tools and resources for attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, and other legal professionals. These programs offer all the functionality available with an integrated platform that's easy to use. With a variety of features that are seamlessly integrated into one application - including document sharing, document management, collaboration tools such as chat rooms and video conferencing, time tracking -- these programs make it easy for employees in the legal field to get the work done without compromising on productivity or spending hours searching for documents. Using legal case management software could save lawyers time during their busiest times of the year by facilitating more effective communication with clients and colleagues alike.

Finding the right case management software for your legal business using free or open source

You should narrow down your options when choosing a free or open-source legal case management tool. It's time to pick the one that best meets your needs once you've collected ample information.

Upgrade costs should be checked. Make sure your software scales with your company as it grows. Compare the fee structure of each platform when comparing software platforms.  

Ensure mobile compatibility. Mobile access and an app are important if users need to access legal case management software from their mobile devices.

Verify the number of covered users. Check the number of users covered under each software platform's free plan and determine the number of people who will need to access the legal case management software.

Compare the free software features. These three software platforms all handle legal case management, but may still offer distinct user experiences and features. Select the platform that best suits your needs.

Size your business. Smaller, nonprofit firms have software platforms tailored to their needs. However, most platforms are suitable for small to medium businesses.

Questions to ask before choosing a free or open-source legal case management tool

Can anyone who uses the free version of the legal software contact the customer service?

For free versions of each platform, user support varies. Check to see if you will have access to live representatives and if that is important to you.


The free version covers how many users?

Check the ease of replacing users once confirmation is received. How easy would it be, for example, to deactivate the profile of a previous user and transfer their legal papers to a new member if the platform allows two users?


Is it easy to create customizable reports?

Owning your own data allows you to take ownership of it. In order to extract data from the platform, you'll need to know if you'll need additional programming help.


Would it be possible to speak to a customer who has deployed your tool in the past six months?

If the vendor avoids answering or is uncomfortable with you talking to a recent customer, they might worry you will discover a defect with their product or service.

Jarvis Legal

Jarvis legal is a tool for managing legal practices, including time tracking, billing, document management, account management, and reporting. In the free version, five cases are included, as well as five GB of storage space. You can receive payment online, create customized invoices, automate documentation, and generate reports with this software. It is also equipped with a client portal that allows users to track their cases, manage the bill, and more. It has following key points:

  • Enables users to invite colleagues or clients to review and edit case documents.
  • Users can generate bills and share them with clients using predefined templates. As well as tracking unpaid bills, it helps.
  • It offers Jarvis Box, a tool for storing and editing files when offline, so users will always have copies of their files at hand. The software automatically syncs offline changes as soon as the user comes online.
  • Starting at $35 per month per user (billed every other year).
  • Knowledgebase and FAQs: Support is available.
  • Apple and Android mobile apps.
  • Jarvis Legal is suitable for all types of organizations.

Case Fox

Case fox facilitates legal case management with features such as timekeeping and billing. A legal document management system, task management, client management, time tracking, and calendar management are all part of these features. Additionally, it can be used as accounting software. There are two active users and four cases covered by the tool's free plan. It is free of charge to disable or add new users at law firms. Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive are among the document storage tools that can be integrated into the software. The tool has the following highlights:

  • It tracks both billable and non-billable time and expenses and automatically creates client invoices based on the captured data.
  • Stores all client and case-related information in one central location. Additionally, users can assign access permissions for documents to control who has access to them.
  • Automatically syncs Google Calendar items and tasks created by users.
  • Cost of upgrading: $15 per month. Paid versions offer discounts.
  • They offer email and phone support, a knowledge base, and a community forum. The Case Fox Support Portal also allows users to raise tickets and check the status of the resolution.
  • Apps for mobile devices are not available.
  • A legal professional who needs to track billable time and expenses as part of their accounting process will particularly benefit from it.

Clinic Cases

Clinic cases is a web-based open-source case management solution. In addition to the case queries, it has data export options (PDF, CSV, and TXT), a calendar management feature, and time reporting tools. Alternatively, the vendor offers a premium hosting service where the setup and configuration of the software are free. User additions are unlimited. All data can be exported in MySQL format. Access to the software is possible via a mobile browser on any mobile device. It has the following highlights:

  • The central location provides easy access to all documents related to a case.
  • Users can keep track of ongoing cases, case open dates, and case access histories with a consolidated dashboard.
  • Detailed reports are provided on the status and completion time of cases.
  • MIT license offers the upgrade free of charge. It costs $99 per month to host on the vendor's server. Lawyers and nonprofits newly established for the first time can take advantage of a special discount.
  • Various forms of support including a knowledge base, user forums, and often asked questions.
  • Not available on mobile devices.
  • The law school clinic is the primary target audience for Clinic Cases. A lawyer in private practice, a small law firm, a small nonprofit can also use it.