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Deposition Summarization

A deposition summary is also known as a deposition digest, is a digested and concise version of a deposition transcript. There are three goals while summarizing a deposition:

  • Relate to the facts,
  • No alteration in the context,
  • Avoid edits within the summary.


Summarizing a deposition could be a daunting task for a paralegal. It is a time-consuming process and takes more than 8 hours to summarize a 200-page deposition. We as lawyers often find ourselves asking, why do we need to summarize a deposition?


Summarization of a deposition is one of the most popular kinds of paralegal outsourcing tasks that go around in the industry. It is a lengthy and painstaking procedure, full of legal industry jargon, which takes up a heavy chunk from the schedule of a lawyer and leaves less time for more important tasks such as trial and pre-trial statements. It is also far more important to read the full text of the transcript unless the person summarizing is familiar with the facts of the case from intake to discovery. As a result, the length of a transcript further makes it difficult to get a good sense of the tone and theme of the deposition.

Advantages of having Absolaw summarize depositions?

  • We help lawyers with time-saving summarization solutions, so that they may focus on the strategies of the case.
  • A Deposition Summary may be used by multiple parties such as panel doctors, opposing counsels after substitution of attorneys, claims administrators, etc.
  • A deposition summary is very helpful for a lawyer to prepare the pre-trial conference statements and trial exhibits.
  • It's rather convenient to go through the crux of the deponent's testimony than read the entire transcript.

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The question arises, what if a case has more than 20 transcripts?


Depositions are one of the most important aspects of a civil or a criminal proceedings. It constitutes the part where a matter is up for discovery and all the parties present their evidences to the court. Lawyers and law firms generally use transcription services to get the transcript of the deposition. This way the paralegals don't have to take down notes at every affirmative reply of deponent and may focus on the important aspects of the deposition. It later becomes even more important to only keep the relevant aspects on the deposition in view and keep it in a concise form, which could be later referred to at the trial.


A deposition summary is a synopsis or a concise form of a deposition which covers the details of the deposition in-depth and in a pin-point manner, which helps the handling attorneys highlight the important aspects of the deposition.

Usage of a Deposition Summary

As the emerging dependence on third-party outsource paralegal services grow, law offices are slowly beginning to understand the dynamics of having a trusted partner such as Absolaw to manage the full-text services by paralegal outsourcing the summarization tasks. Back in the 1990s, the industry didn't possess the technical know-how or the means to scale up online repositories of text and safe-banks for depositions. The only way they had to do it by manually going through all the transcripts and jotting down the relevant pieces together for the trial or a hearing. Even today, as we keep speaking to lawyers and law offices around the world, we observe that summarization is still a heavy task for their team and most of them are looking for a trusted partner to take care of that.

Fast-forward today, Absolaw has come up with unique avenues ushering into the domain of outsource paralegal services by weaving and kneading carefully through the technological advancements in the field, availability of better tools, and proven Standard Operating Procedure for summarization of full-length deposition transcripts. With more than 23 fully retaining clients on board this particular outsource paralegal service, we have prepared a standard SLA in carefully dealing with every new request that comes in.

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