• Promo 50% Off our Introductory Offer

    Hello!!! How you've been? I thought of writing this blog as a channel of reaching out to all our clients and potential customers. I hope everybody is keeping well at these times. 


    I've been working a lot towards how Absolaw should present its service model to its potential customers and I am also working towards acquiring some business from some law firms in the United Kingdom and the United States initially because our work model gives us ample flexibility to deal with our clients situated in different geographies. 


    As far as Absolaw's services are concerned, we have begun with Litigation Support & MDR and Paralegal Services. Litigation Support & MDR comprises of all sorts of legal or litigation document review and on the other hand, Paralegal Services comprise of Legal Drafting and Legal Research. 


    We are offering our new customers a PROMO, to begin with. All the services that we currently offer, i.e. Litigation Support & MDR and Paralegal Services, are being offered at a flat discount of 50%. We have even employed a way by which our customers may come to our webpage and discuss how much they are looking to spend depending on the size of their tasks. The final discount will be given at the time the invoicing is done for the task and the total amount will be slashed into half, no questions asked. 


    To avail of this discount, drop into one of our member pages which has the details of the pricing plans that we offer. To access the member area, you need to enter your email address and create a password. After that, you would be able to see the pricing plans that we currently have for the two service lines that we offer. A straight up 50% off will be given to our customers if they go by one of our pricing plans. On this page, members also have an option to reach out to me directly to discuss if they want to have a customized pricing plan just for their project. I am giving at the end of this blog the URL to access our member area.


    This promo is only valid for a limited period and we at Absolaw are only targeting a limited number of customers with this offer. So as soon as we get a significant number of clients and customers with this offer, the promo may get suspended.


    I hope this blog would solve all your queries regarding how to take advantage of the 50% OFF Promo. Please comment on this blog to let us know how you want us to improve our services, or if there is any other suggestion which you may want us to implement.


    Our Pricing Page: https://www.absolaw.com/pricing

    Reach out to me by Email: admin@absolaw.com