• Your Travel Checklist

    As the pandemic is slowly passing by, or I'm not even sure if it's spreading more, because of it’s not much hot news now. We all are wanting to travel soon, for leisure or necessary purposes. I am also wanting to travel to some of my favorite vacation destinations for a very long time but not been able to. My entire summers came and passed by while I looked out my window, clouds passing by and sun's setting, daily.


    It's not very usual I think about traveling, as I usually write about more political stuff or topics which are currently relevant in the news. But yesterday I was watching YouTube and I saw some very engaging blogs and I thought why not plan a vacation to some destination in the mountains. Bu the first thing which popped into my mind was the situation and the slowdown in the tourism industry due to the pandemic. I thought I don't even know how I will commute from one place to the other and save myself from all the spreading of the disease, as well as traveling safely so that any run-ins with the law enforcement could also be avoided. Then I also thought as I am not the only one planning to travel and take a vacation, there would be many who would be thinking the same and would be stuck on how to travel and carry their stuff around. So I gathered some information and decided to make a blog about it.


    There are many modes of transport which you could choose, depending on where you're going and how far you have to travel. The safest way to travel these days is either by air or by your car, but both of them have their limitations. Let's assume that one wants to travel to the Himalayas, now there are no flights in currently serving the mountains, taking a personal car or a hired one is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, its one's choice on how they want to travel and what the budget they've decided to travel with.


    We can now discuss the ways one could travel while maintaining the basic norms which have taken place after the pandemic. These are as follows:

    • Avoid crowded means of travel such as overloaded buses or trains, etc. Overcrowded places are like an open buffet for the pandemic to feast on.
    • Always wear a mask. Yes, you read that right, Trump. Even if you're driving a car and are the only occupant inside, wearing a mask is an added measure for safety.
    • Always maintain a distance to 6 Feet of 2 Meters so that you could help in restricting the spread of the disease.
    • Carry a Hand Sanitizer which should contain a minimum of 60 percent of alcohol.
    • Wash your hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds. Washing hands for 20 seconds break the outer layer of the virus and decreases its potency if it's on our hands. It ultimately us in not getting infected by it.


    The CDC has put in place an action plan and best practices for the people working in the accommodations and hotel industry. Some of them are as follows:

    • Public areas should be cleaned extensively such as lobby, elevator, escalator, restaurant, etc. 
    • Social distancing should be followed at all times in a hotel.
    • The basic things which have been discussed above, which help in the spread of infection should be available in an ample quantity at the hotel.


    With this ongoing pandemic, we know that there has been a lot of pressure on us to stay at homes and help in curbing the spread of the disease. People are giving their best to stay at home and stay safe. Even the best of the plans may get canceled if you're not feeling well physically. Always remember that your health is the only wealth that matters these days. If you are healthy, you have a world waiting to explore. Not today, but maybe tomorrow.


    Say Safe.